Signs of manipulation of election borders in Georgian election law


  • Tengiz Tevzadze
  • Tamar Papashvili



In 2015, the Constitutional Court of Georgia passed an important decision and declared unconstitutional the norms of the Electoral Code on the grounds of non-compliance with the right to equality before the law, which resulted in In terms of impact on. As a result of the amendments to the Electoral Code based on the decision of the Constitutional Court, the number of voters in the constituencies has been significantly balanced, although the changes have led to accusations that the ruling party has manipulated the electoral boundaries. Non-compliance with international standards has been cited by international organizations as a major challenge to legislative change. In particular, they focused on clear criteria for delimitation and future border revision procedures, process opacity and lack of inclusion, as well as the vague method of dividing and unifying municipalities to define constituencies. The main call of the organizations to the authorities was to review the legislation related to the delimitation of constituencies in order to ensure equality of votes, however, the negative assessments did not convince the legislator of the need for changes.



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