For Authors

The author`s guidelines have been revised since 2023.

The submitted paper should meet the following requirements:

The length of the Article should be a minimum  5 and not exceed 15 pages of A4 size;
The work must be accompanied by the Author's Name, Surname, Title, affiliation, e-mail, ORCID; (In Georgian and English languages)
 Abstract in English and Georgian 150-200 words 3-5 keywords;
 The paper must be in Sylfaen font;
Font size 11, interval 1.15.
Pictures, Tables, and Diagrams must be in Arabic numbering and placed in the text. 


All used sources are referred to in the footnotes at the bottom of the page. All footnotes are numbered in sequence.

According to the revised guidelines for authors, a bibliography is mandatory at the end of the article.
Place the sources according to the alphabet. First place list the literature in Georgian language, then sources referred to in English and other languages.
References not in Latin script must be referred to according to transliteration rules. For Georgian Language transliteration rules, see the web page.

Please, prepare your manuscript before submission, using the following guidelines: 


Loughlin M., Foundations of Public Law, London, 2012, 5.


Dworkin R., Justice for Hedgehogs, Harvard University Press, 2011, 156.

Chapter in the Book

Raz J., Can There Be a Theory of Law?, in: The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory, Edited by M.P. Golding and W.A. Edmundson, Blackwell Publishing, 2005, 144.

Translated Book

Barak A., Purposive Interpretation in Law, Translated by S. Bashi, Princeton University Press, 2011, 154.


Fuller L.L., Consideration and Form, Columbia Law Review, Vol.41, No.5, 1941, 800.

Translated Article

Radbruch G., Five Minutes of Legal Philosophy, Translated by B.L. Paulson and S.L. Paulson, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Vol.26, No.1, 2006, 14.


Administrative Procedural Code of Georgia, 2004, Art. 2(5).

Constitution of the United States of America, 1787, Art.7.

Constitutional Court of Georgia

Public Defender of Georgia v. Parliament of Georgia, Decision N2/7/1631 of the Constitutional Court of Georgia, 7 November 2022, II-12.

Ordinary Courts of Georgia

Judgement Nბს-1168-1136(კ-10) of the Supreme Court of Georgia, 10 January 2011, par.11.

Decision N2/17071-14 of Tbilisi City Court, 19 May 2015, par. 3.11.

European Court of Human Rights

The Former King of Greece and Others v. Greece [ECtHR], App. no. 25701/94, 28 November 2002, par. 15.

European Court of Justice

Laurent Pech v. Council of the European Union [CJEU], C-408/21 P, 21 April 2021, par. 91.

Place Diagrams, pictures, and tables in the main body of the text and number in Arabic. For example, (Table 1: Figure 6: or Figure 4:). The diagram, figure, or table should include a brief description/title of the content. For example, "Figure 6: "Statistics of the 2022 year", Figure 6: "The inscription at the Bolnisi Sioni " etc.
Diagram, figure, or table in a footnote and bibliography if it is applicable:
When verifying in footnotes and bibliography, indicate - the author/editor's last name, first name, text title, [material type #], year, place of publication, publisher: page number.
 Ananiashvili, Yuri, Econometrics, [Chart 6]. 2012. Tbilisi: Meridian. p. 59
 Javakhishvili, Ivane. History of the Georgian Nation, [Illustration 4]. 1979. Tbilisi: Science, p. 186
 Knox, Bill. Statistics [Table 1]. 2014, North Ryde, McGraw-Hill Education, p.27.

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