Editorial Policy

Articles submitted to the journal must be original and not have been published before. Each paper
is reviewed by the editor and then sent to two independent referees for double peer review. If
the article is judged twice suitable, it will be published; If one review is negative, the article is
sent to the third reviewer; The final decision will be notified authors by e-mail;

Manuscript assessment Criteria
 Structure of the article; Acceptable/Needs improvement
 Keeping the rules of citation; Acceptable/needs improvement
 Methodological justification and argumentation; Acceptable/Needs improvement
News and Contributions in the relevant field; Acceptable/Needs improvement
 Theoretical and practical results of the research. Acceptable/Needs improvement

Translations Assessment Criteria 

Translation enables to dissemination new  theoretical and practical knowledge;
Translation quality meets the language standards;
Copyright requirements are observed;

Authors don't charge publication fee