Sociological analysis of the constitutional reform of Georgia in 2017-2018


  • Sophiko Metreveli



The Constitution is the most important document that determines the balance of values ​​in the society, within the framework of which it is possible to achieve human well-being. The Constitutional Ratio of Freedom, Equality and Order creates a government where human rights and freedoms are guaranteed. Consequently, any changes that are included in the constitution affect the lives of people and it is important to involve citizens in the process of these changes. Creating a constitution is a rather complicated process, during which a conflict of interests leads to the formation of a common state and society. On the one hand, "legislators may try to include their policy course and biased views in the deliberation process or in the text of the Constitution itself", on the other hand, the constitution needs to be given wider public legitimacy, making the process accessible not only to a narrow circle of experts. For those citizens who want to be involved in this process.



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