Basic aspects of modern orthodox theory


  • Guram Lursmanashvili



Discussion of modern Orthodox theology in Georgia is less relevant, not only because there is little material in Georgian on the subject, but also because it's more difficult to understand orthodox orthodox theology as a given, because: 1. Theology is perceived As part of the teachings of the past, created centuries ago, to which nothing can be added or subtracted; 2. It is believed that modern theologians do not have the grace and knowledge that the ancient fathers had, therefore they do not believe that today's theologians can create texts of the same or greater importance as they were created in the church before, especially in the age of world ecclesiastical assemblies. .
For me personally, this approach is fundamentally unjustified, as I believe that Orthodox theology and the Church still have the power and ability to create glorious works like the old ones or to develop new ones. Moreover, I think that from the twentieth century to the present, the Church has already managed to establish similar forms and I believe that in the future it will be able to do even more. In this topic I will try to talk about modern orthodox theology, which for me personally dates back to the twentieth century.



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