Intology and Ethics


  • Gocha Barnovi



Ethics today is preferred not only in secular life but also in ecclesiastical life. It is taught in schools, in the faculties of theology, and, at the same time, in society, it is even equated with dogma (if not more importantly). You can imagine, even in the church it became much more acceptable to deviate from dogma than from moral norms.
Interestingly, the term "ethics" was completely unknown in the Orthodox tradition until recent centuries. It is almost never found in ecclesiastical moms, nor was it taught in schools until recent years. This is a term of Western origin that, like other terms, we have inherited in the Church. The tragedy is that due to the conservative nature of our church, we can not follow the current that characterizes the understanding of ethics in the West. This, in turn, continually creates a kind of chasm between the church and society, as society is obliged to support the changes in Auba's ethics that are taking place in Western society.



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