Political Theology and Orthodoxy


  • Guram Lursmanashvili




"Political theology" is not usually talked about in Georgia. In our view, this is due to the antagonistic attitudes that exist about politics and theology. Namely, politics is considered as a unequivocally negative and unacceptable field, while theology (God-speaking) is considered to be the work of only saints and persons with special honors, therefore, society is guided by the principle - "What is the connection between justice and lawlessness?" What do light and dark have in common? What do Christ and Belial have in common? Or what fellow hath he that believeth with an infidel? However, according to the general definition, politics is the process by which people create, maintain, strengthen and perfect the norms and conditions of living together. As for theology, in this regard, the so-called The ideology of the "Three Theologians" (that there were only three theologians - John, Gregory and Simeon; therefore, no one else can be called that name). This opinion sounds especially paradoxical when there are many higher education institutions in Georgia that issue diplomas certifying the degree of theologian. In order to eradicate these and other phobias as much as possible, we will talk about political theology in today's topic.




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