Christianity and the state - Ilia Chavchavadze's liberal choice


  • Teimuraz Buadze



The Iliad program "Restoration of the Identity of Our Fallen" was clearly aimed at strengthening the Georgian national identity, which meant the revival of our cultural, national and religious identity, which was in danger of Russification at that time. The well-known formula - "land, language, religion" shows well that in his opinion, national identity, identity, is formed on the basis of religious values, in addition to "school, bank or theater." Without these values, no people will be able to maintain their identity. It was like that before and it is like that now. Advanced technologies, rich budgets and well-functioning state institutions are not enough to achieve this. The more technologically, economically and institutionally successful a country is, the more open it becomes to foreigners, the more it acquires the ability to assimilate and emancipate.




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