European Union Regulatory Framework on Artificial Intelligence (SMEs)


  • Galia Mancheva Center and for political studies and researcher at the Research Center for Monetary and Economic Research, University of National and World Economy



Artificial Intelligence, European Union, Small and Medium Size Enterprises, Symbolic Approach, Statistical Approach, Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its application has become a popular topic of discussion, especially within the last decade, with its being seen with both enthusiasm for the opportunities it rings, and fear of its potential. The current paper aims to investigate the European Union (EU) regulatory framework proposal on Artificial Intelligence, and its impact on small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). Within the paper, the regulatory goals and recommendations, conceptual view of AI, and global trends on its application are presented.




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Mancheva, G. . (2022). European Union Regulatory Framework on Artificial Intelligence (SMEs). THE JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIES, 2.